Jetpackin’: dot big bang v0.9.13

The latest update to dot big bang is here, bringing with it a number of fixes and new features. Top of the billing for this update is the addition of two new skins in Skins Store, a selection of cosy autumnal gear for your avatar to wear – and a new Jetpack in the Featured Templates bar! You can now drag this readymade jetpack into any of your games and let players zip around the skies!

As well as fixing some Engine and Editor bugs, we’ve also started laying the groundwork for all Resources on dot big bang to have a Description and Tags. This will be super useful for searching the resource library, and quickly finding the voxel objects, scripts, and templates you’re looking for.

Games & Creator Content

  • Two new skins have been added to Skins Store: ‘Casa’ and ‘Big Red’
  • Added a new Jetpack Template Toy to the Featured Templates bar!
  • The Avatar Editor background has been updated for Fall.
  • New Fall avatar clothing is available in the Avatar Editor.
  • Interactivity Toolkit: Added optional grid snapping property to the Item Placement Manager, with options for grid spacing and rotation locking for all moveable items. Added optional Room Tag on the Moveable Item script to confine the item to only be placed on entities with that room tag.
  • A new Advanced Dialog Sequence framework has been made. This offers some great enhancements to creating NPC dialog.
  • Starter Games
    • Swapped out the ‘Halloween Fun Templates’ starter game for ‘Scripting Examples & Tips’ on desktop
    • Swapped out ‘Halloween Fun Templates’ starter game for ‘Environment Examples & Tips’ on mobile
  • Starter Objects
    • Swapped out the ‘Pumpkin’ starter object for the ‘UI Example’
  • Diamond Wars
    • Fixed a bug where you could respawn and not get the correct items in Diamond Wars.
    • Fixed an issue where the third-person camera lagged strangely at low framerates.


  • Fixed an issue some Safari users experienced with audio.

Game Editor

  • Fix issue with dismissing announcements from within game
  • Enable undo/redo when number slider has focus
  • Prevent value change with clicking the slider handle causing value changes, now they will only change when the mouse is moved.
    • Clicking on the slider track will still set the value.
  • Fix undo behavior on with numbers so that discrete undo values are correctly applied.
  • Change “Enter” behavior when editing number values
    • Enter will now blur the input and cause the game to have focus again, allowing you to preview your change
    • Use Tab if you want to set the value and still keep focus in the Entity Panel
  • Better handling when an element is blurred, to re-focus the game
  • Ignore Ctrl-S (Cmd-S on Mac) when a non-game element (like the page header) has focus

Platform & Editors

  • Add description field to all resource types
  • Add queryable tags to all resource types

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Author: Charles | dot big bang

Lead Community Engineer working on dot big bang

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