Meet The Devs: Bill Costello, Community Engineer

Bill Costello is an LA-based Community Engineer who started working on dot big bang in late 2020. His work includes making new games—such as the recently published Capture The Doodle—and helping out dbb players and creators on Discord, where he’s better known as JordiLaForge. We caught up with him to find out more.

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Meet The Devs: Anders Elfgren, Community Engineer

Anders Elfgren is an Sweden-based developer who joined the dot big bang Community Engineering team in March of 2022. We caught up with him to find out about what he’s working on and get some advice for aspiring game developers.

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Meet The Devs: Chris Miles, Associate Community Manager

Chris Miles is better known to the dot big bang Discord community as DMM or DigitalMonkeyMaster. He became an Associate Community Manager last year, and has been brightening up the dbb Discord ever since. We caught up with him to find out what the job entails, and what makes for a safe, happy and thriving online community.

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Meet Charlie Dean, Community Engineer

We caught up with dot big bang Community Engineer Charlie Dean to find out how the Hub World fishing mechanic came together, what choices were made, what challenges it presented – and what makes designing games fun.

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Meet Charles Palmer, Lead Community Engineer

Charles Palmer is the Lead Community Engineer at dot big bang. Based in Reykjavík, Iceland, he joined dot big bang in 2018. We caught up with him to find out about what he’s been doing, making, learning, and playing lately.

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