Getting Ortho: dot big bang v0.9.11 has launched!

This latest version of dot big bang is a featured packed platform and editor update!

We’ve added a much better Global Search to the top bar of the website to provide a one-stop place to find games to play, objects to admire, and even other gamers! We’ve also added an Announcement feature to the top bar, so check out the notifications for new and exciting things from the world of dot big bang. Hopefully you even got here through that system!

The Voxel Object Editor now has an orthographic camera to help with 3D object modelling, and the Game Editor has received a plethora of helpful updates and additions. Find out more in the full changelog below!


  • Our new Announcements system will keep you up to date with what’s happening on dot big bang!
  • Global Search has been added to the top bar.
    • Allows searching for Games, Voxel Objects, and Users directly from the top bar.
  • All links to games across the platform are now multiplayer by default. They will also funnel like minded players together so games are easier to play with friends.
  • Updated to the Notifications UI.
    • We updated the menu to a dark theme.
    • We simplified the layout and allow longer game/object names to wrap nicely.
    • We fixed the issue where “No more notifications” was incorrectly displayed on some screen sizes.
    • The issue where clicking on a link text would transition the page twice has been fixed.
  • Fixed minor visibility issue with search tooltips on Users profile pages.
  • Fixed multiple issues with infinite scroll not working correctly on Home and User profile pages.
  • Fixed an issue where cleared search on the Home page did not update the url correctly.
  • Added direct links to Play or Edit (when user is creator) to Game cards.
  • Added direct links to View or Edit (when user is creator) to Voxel Object cards.
  • Dashes (-) and underscores (_) are now valid characters in invite codes.
  • Fixed an infinite loop that happens in some circumstances when disconnected from a session.


Game Editor

  • You can now rejoin and/or save work when disconnected from a multiplayer editing session.
  • We added separate routes for /game and /gameeditor depending on whether or not you are actively editing.
  • The appearance and usability of the Rotate tool have been improved.
  • Added an additional control arc to the Rotate tool (when in World Transform mode) that always faces the camera.

    Voxel Object Editor
  • Added a shortcut (Shift+C) to switch the Voxel Editor into orthographic mode.
  • Added shortcuts (Shift+X/Y/Z) to the Voxel Editor to snap the camera view to different sides.
  • Added a Camera View Angle gizmo to the Voxel Editor that can be used to quickly view the object from different sides, and also to switch between orthographic and perspective views.


Text Renderer Component

  • Text Is now culled correctly.
  • Added better horizontal alignment options. textBoxHorizontalAlign. Left, Center, Legacy and Right. Legacy is the existing behaviour.
  • Added better vertical alignment options. textBoxVerticalAlign. Baseline, Bottom, Center and Top. Baseline is the existing behaviour
  • When not using legacy horizontal align, the background fills the the text box, not the text mesh as it did previously.
  • When not using legacy horizontal align, the background padding is uniform all around the text box unlike previously.
  • Default textBoxHorizontalAlign is center.
  • Default textBoxVerticalAlign is baseline.

  • Performance improvements for raycasting against Terrain

Stay up to date with new dot big bang versions in the #Changelogs channel on our Discord, and feel free to ask questions about any of the changes!

Author: Charles | dot big bang

Lead Community Engineer working on dot big bang

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