July Community Creations Spotlight

Welcome to the dot big bang Community Creations spotlight! This is the monthly blog in which dot big bang devs and staff celebrate the community-created objects, environments, and games that have caught their eye in recent weeks. Click the images to check out each piece of work in dot big bang, and be sure to drop a like and a comment to show your appreciation!

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Mech-Over: Making A Game In A Week For Mechjam IV

Last week, the fourth edition of the Mech Jam took place – a game jam in which entrants make games featuring all kinds of mechs. Ashley and Summer – dot big bang devs you might know from their Twitch streams – made a mech-building game called Mech-Over. We caught up with them to find out about the game jam experience, and to get some tips ahead of the dot big bang Summer Jam.

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How to enter the dot big bang Summer Game Jam 2023!

Game jams are a great way to get creative and have fun learning some new gamedev tricks. Happening from July 28th-31st, the dot big bang Summer Game Jam 2023 is a perfect opportunity to test your game-making skills in a chill, supportive environment, and have a new game to show for it at the end!

We caught up with Zaz Linkous to find out what the jam is all about, and how you can get involved.

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June Community Creation Picks

The dot big bang community is a constant source of imaginative, impressive creations. From colorful environments, to detailed voxel objects and dioramas, to full-fledged games, here’s a rundown of some recent creations that caught the dev team’s eye. Be sure to drop a heart or a comment on them to show your appreciation, and share your own work over on Discord!

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Listen Up: New Sound & Music Library Now Available!

The dot big bang sound library got a big upgrade today with the arrival of a massive selection of new sounds and music. 

The update includes 5,000 sounds for all kinds of actions, scenes, and situations, including whooshes, footsteps, impacts and explosions, UI clicks, animal and ambient sounds, and many more. There are also ten pieces of music to add atmosphere to your creations.

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dot big bang v0.9.8: Sounds & Colors

A new version of dot big bang came out today. Version 0.9.8 brings a variety of fixes, updates, and upgrades, including a brand new library of 5000 sounds for use in your games. Both the Game Editor and the Voxel Object Editor color picker also got some TLC in this version, with a raft of quality of life improvements being introduced.

Here’s the full list:

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Behind The Scenes: The Making of Preston’s Diamond Wars

Preston’s Diamond Wars is the new team-based, resource-hoarding arena battler that’s taking dot big bang by storm. Around a year in the making, it evolved significantly over time, with weekly playtest sessions becoming hotly contested events within the dbb team. We caught up with lead developer Anders Elfgren to talk about the development process, evolution, and release of Diamond Wars – and to ask if there are any killer strats the world is still sleeping on!

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Pocket Garden Update! New Furniture, Ice Cream Machines, Pride Flags, & More

Pocket Garden got its first big content update last week, with lots of new things to see, buy, and do! It’s the perfect time to hop back in and see how your farm is doing.

Here’s a rundown of everything that’s new.

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dot big bang v0.9.7: Diamond Wars, Skin Store, Pride Month, And More!

Version 0.9.7 of dot big bang is out now! This packed update sees the US launch of the Skins Store, the release of team-based arena battler Preston’s Diamond Wars, the addition of new Pride accessories, decorations, and emotes, the arrival of swimming in Hub World, and loads of new furniture in Pocket Garden.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s new!

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